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What a week in Machine Learning! Last week we saw Waymo high-profile lawsuit against Uber, as well as perhaps the first API against online trolling from Jigsaw. Both events got a lot of media coverage. Both of these events are featured in our News section, with our analysis on it.

On exciting news: GTX 1080 Ti is here yesterday, and featured in this issue. Its spec is more impressive than the $1.2k Titan X, and only costs $699.

In other news, you might have heard of DeepCoder in the last few weeks, and how it purportedly steals and integrates code from other repos. Well, it's fake. We feature a piece from Stephen Merity which debunks these hyped news.

One must-see this week perhaps is Kleiner Perkins' Mike Abbott's interview with Prof. Fei-Fei Li from Stanford. The discussion on how A.I. startups can compete with the larger incumbents is definitely worth watching.

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