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Big announcement - last week, we launched our own topic-based messaging app called Expertify, to help you connect with other AI and DL professionals in our 45,000-member community. More details below on why we rolled our own and specific AI / DL features we want to add to it over time...

Download Expertify iOS app

We'd love for you you to try it and give us some feedback, if you are on iOS. We're working on a web app and a bit down the road, Android.

In other news, we heard of stunning news that AlphaGo beats itself again and created the first Go player which has Elo-rating over 5000.

In technical news, Google created a new activation function which works better than even ReLU. And we wrote a full review of Coursera deeplearning.ai Course 1, which was quite well-received in different networks.

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